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You really let me down tonight, Horde.

I needed some decompression time after this week, so I put on my Dwarf suit this afternoon to meet up with some friends Alliance-side; Myself/Brin (52 Dwarf Hunter), my friend a 38 (now 39!) Draenei Shaman, and her friend with the white lion problem, a 63 Night Elf Hunter. Our little Shaman needed a run through Scarlet Monastery, so I toddled over for the fun of it (it's not as if I haven't razed that place enough times as a Tauren!) and joined up. For fun, I brought Noggenfogger Elixir and the Hallow's End Wands that had been sitting in my bank since forever and we rocked the joint.

On our way back toward Southshore, our Nelf friend thought it would be a good idea to show our little Shaman the Lordaeron Throne Room, the place where the old king died. It worked out even better, since I had been playing with Noggenfogger and the Random Wand and we were skeletons already; I slapped the Skeleton Wand on the little Shaman and we took a sharp left at the Zep junction. (We thought maybe the "disguises" would help. XD)

I advised everyone to walk slowly and calmly, and to /sorry, /bow, and /thank to anyone we met; standard procedure that everyone Hordeside (at least on my server that I've ever heard from) expects of people who are "just visiting." We ran across the usual traffic on our way in, mostly lower levels who stopped to O_o at the three flagged skeleton-people marching into the courtyard. There were also some higher-levels there, who watched us carefully (as dilligently as I would expect of Horde!).

In the Throne Room, the Nelf showed the little Shaman around, especially to the old stain on the ground from the fallen crown. I suggested they listen carefully to the voices of the past; one can hear them in the shadows, repeating over and over that fateful moment of history, as if it was etched into the walls, the very air of that place. My friends knelt in awe of this hallowed location, so in respect I joined them.

But by then, we had begun to collect something of an audience, particularly a Tauren Hunter with a lioness, and I could sense that some trigger fingers were getting itchy. (I know Horde, and I know about how much patience they have for such visits.) So I advised my friends that it was time to leave, right now, and we all proceeded to walk--as calmly and harmlessly as before--back out toward the gates, /bowing and /thanking and /bye-ing as we went. We had quite an escort until we reached the gates; we kept walking down the path across the Lawn, unharmed and grateful, even as our "disguises" wore off, and our "escort" dropped back out of sight.

Then it was time to pick up the pace and get out of Dodge. The Throne Room Pilgrimage truce had been properly observed, for which I commend all of my Horde breathren who were present; however once outside, we were free and fair game so long as we were flagged. We made it all the way to the water's edge and our little Shaman friend was providing us with Water Walking to make a hurried hop back to Southshore when the troops rode up from behind.

And there, my Horde comrades of Silver Hand, is where you let me down.

I had just gotten through telling my Alliance friends that the Horde in these parts were usually nice enough people, and we had gotten out of UC safe and sound because Horde had honor and could be counted upon to be decent if you showed peaceable intentions. They were surprised and excited that we had made it in and out, and were being grateful to the good Horde folks. I just got through showing them that perhaps not every member of the Horde besides myself is a total savage.

Now, don't get me wrong; I know this isn't the case for every person in the Horde. I understand that we were Alliance, we were flagged, and we were in Horde territory. I realize quite clearly (being Horde myself) that you were well within your rights to shoot us down the moment we set foot in the Undercity courtyard. I know that we are fair game as long as our flags are up, and we knew they were up, and we knew the risks. I understand all that, and therefore nothing that happened tonight was wrong in the sense of game mechanics or rules.

But did your first attack have to be on a 38 Shaman worth no honor to you and no threat at all?

I knew it could come down to being ugly when the troops rode up--mostly different people from the Throne Room crowd, all 60-ish, though that same Tauren Hunter was there leading the pack. But we were already setting off across the water when you knocked her down. I would understand wanting to attack me, the 52 Dwarf, or especially the 63 Nelf, who was a real threat to the city--that's fine, and it would've been fair combat; I would not have complained. But the little Shaman, shot in the back because she fell behind the Cheetah-equipped Hunters, just as we pulled out of range?

Honestly, I find that damned unsportsmanlike.

Nobody broke any rules; I realize that. Me flagged Alliance, you Horde--I know. But...jeeze. Shoot me next time, not my very shocked little worth-no-honor friend.

I'm just very disappointed; I've played a long time, and I've been ganked by Alliance out the wazoo while playing Emira, for whatever reasons, but I have walked as Brin through some amazing places and have not been harmed, and so I held the Horde in esteem for their forbearance and honor. I realize there are some real a$$hats on both sides of the line, but I thought we'd met with a better bunch tonight.

I know there's bad apples in every barrel, but my little friend was the one who got the worm. Just after she'd gotten through praising the Horde. *sigh* I'll be thinking of that, next time I let a weary young Alliance Paladin pass unmolested to meditate before the Throne. And I'll be thinking of that, next time I see a flagged Horde somewhere near Darnassus or Ironforge...

Honor was tarnished tonight.



pvp is part of the game but some people have to be jerks about it like the time i was doing the escort before VC and there was a horde (i was lv 16 and he was ??) in moonbrook that was killing the traitor right before he finished the quest and the time in EPL on my pally when a flagged rogue slipped up behind me and waited for me to use consecrate and killed me and i have watched as alliance people kill horde players when they were trying to get ready for a run but i have also met with some horde that have helped me when i was about to die fighting something and i try to help out it i find a horde in trouble so all you can do is enjoy the game and avoid the jerks when you can...


Honor regained?

Please see the post here.. when it happend I though of you :)



Kind of a sucky story, I hate ganking too... fair fights are one thing, but going after someone X levels below you is just pointless, really.

I would say though, how does the Shammy fall behind when you have high-ish level hunters there? Aspect of the Pack much? Takes a few seconds to party up to make use of it... and you're clearly not worried about Daze since you're using Cheetah anyway.

Doesn't excuse the behaviour though, granted. I tend to be pretty passive and polite myself to the opposing faction... to the point where I'll actively help in PvE if someone's about to die... and I'm Horde.

On the flip, I've had to give up on escort quests because of Ally players ganking the escort mob... in the end I just have to shrug and accept it as part of the game. To me that's worse than ganking a lower level player, since killing escort mobs is nothing but pure spite. Ah well.



The Alliance would do the same.